July 12, 2016

Blah Blah Blah on the blog

What do you do when you have a lot to say and don't really know who to tell it to?
(...and by "a lot to say", really I mean - not much to ACTUALLY say, just a lot of words to put together) 
you blog.
So here is my blog post of the day 'blah blah blah'
Although it sounds silly, it probably isn't so silly.  We all have so much going on in our day-to-day lives not to mention the planned stuff that we have coming up ... and hey wait, what about the unplanned things, interruptions, drop-ins, emails, facebook drifting [that should be an actual term, so if you see it coined someplace someday, remember you heard it here first ... patent pending, lol], and on and on and on...
Alright, here is the definition...
facebook drifting (verb)
The act of intending to check facebook for a few minutes, and waking up to reality an hour or three later when you realize you 'drifted' off in facebook land.  Then what do you do when you realize this has happened?  Yes, of course, be sure to scroll to the top to make sure you didn't MISS anything!
It's a real thing - check it out - you can find multiple sources to confirm - check facebook...I'm sure you'll find it - no, well, maybe after your thumb gets carpal tunnel pain from the repetitive motion of dragging your phone screen from one end to the other you'll see it.
- - - and I'm back!
Ok, well, now I forgot what I was going to blah blah blah about, forgive my blah blah on the blog but whatever you do, don't forget to smile and tell someone you love them - to their face - not on facebook, because come-on!  People are real with all the feels....so look up from your phone today - heck, maybe even leave it in the other room today - and be with people you love.
What am I going to do?
I'll tell ya!
I'm going to make home-style potatoes & onions, pulled pork, green beans & biscuits.
Then I am going to eat it
Then I am going to feel fat (cause I am kind-of) well, not kind-of, but don't judge, I'll diet.  I will!
But that meal will be face-to-face with my husband and we will eat and we will talk and we will laugh and we will see each other's eyes.  Cause people do that too sometimes...even though we can't find any Pokémon GO thingies that way, I have a feeling we will probably survive - and we will probably remember the happiness we felt and then we will go outside and run all the people off our lawn because their app is telling them we have Pokémon thingies in our yard....and we don't - but they can feel free to pull a weed or two while they are there if they want.
ok - NOW I think I am done with the blah blah
Be sure to visit anytime for actual photography related posts - many are coming - I have said it before - and I'll say it again...awesome things are getting ready to happen. 
it probably won't be on facebook
probably the blog
probably the website
probably Instagram
maybe twitter
probably not facebook - just saying
maybe in a movie theater near you!  Just you watch & see........

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Land of Wild Designs said...

This is written with humor - please don't take it too seriously, just a reminder to smile and be present in life with the ones you love - also, it is a good idea to be present in photographs, so if you would like to schedule a session, contact us at info@landofwilddesigns.com and hopefully we can get something scheduled.

And - feel free to leave a comment here on the blog anytime :)

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