Before Your Photoshoot

Some general rules of thumb for your photo-shoot are:
♥ Smile!
♥ Take us up on the offer to have a FREE consultation with you prior to your shoot so we can plan out some poses in advance.
♥ Wear clothing that does not have large logos (unless that is the style you are going for in a specific photo) because it can distract from YOU in the final portrait.
♥ If you are planning a group/family portrait session, it may be a good idea for every-one to coordinate their clothing.  Usually recommend that two - three colors of clothes are selected and the members of the group can wear any combination or shade of the agreed upon colors.  This just helps the eye flow to the important part of the photograph - YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!
♥ Hair/Make-Up:  It is ok to take a little extra time getting ready and making sure your hair/makeup are just as you want it to be.  We do provide minor editing (included) for blemishes/scars.

Also it is nice to keep in mind when...

...Planning Your Maternity Photo-Shoot:
♥ Your Maternity Photo-Shoot should be scheduled sometime between 7-9 months however, we are happy to schedule and photograph your beautiful-glowing-happy-belly at any stage of your pregnancy!
♥ We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing prior to the photo-shoot if you wish to have bare-belly photos.  This will help to prevent marks from tight fitting clothing on your skin.
♥ We encourage you to tell us what types of photos you would like to have taken and we will recommend some poses also.
♥ You are welcome to bring other family members with you to the photo-shoot!  We love belly-shots with hubby hands and little hands too!  There are so many options and we have lots of ideas, so just remember you can make this a FAMILY event.
♥ Remember to be comfortable and relaxed.  Don't be concerned with the appearance of stretch-marks as we can do minor editing to remove those, so enjoy yourself and let's get those Once-In-A-Lifetime photos!!!

...Planning a Photo-Shoot for Your Little One:
♥ Babies & Children are so much fun to photograph. They have an energy level that is envied by most adults and we can see it their photos.
♥ Land of Wild Designs does pose children as many other photographers do, but we also like to take candid shots of them just playing or being themselves. Some of the best pictures we get of children are random and unplanned.
♥ Some of the best memories are the ones that come as surprises.
♥ An average time-frame for our photo-sessions would be 1-1/2 to 2 hours, but we do plan for extra time when photographing children & infants.
♥Here are some tips to make the photo-session a success:
      •Plan a time that works best with your child's schedule
      •If the little one can have a meal or a snack prior to the photo-shoot, s/he is more likely to be content for the duration of the session
      •A change of clothes (or two) is a great idea - we can get lots of different looks with that variety :)
      •Relax and enjoy! We hope to make it fun!!!
♥ We prefer that children not eat during the photo-shoot as it is difficult to keep their faces & hands clean ... AND ... clean faces & hands generally look better in photos ;)
♥ Let Land of Wild Designs surprise your family with great photos of your precious little one.

Important Info:

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